Prize money was awarded to NIS 350 Iris Rish taken by the

"The deer with the paper"

Prize money was awarded to NIS 350 Iris Rish taken by the

"The deer with the paper"

A Calling to

Take still pictures on the subject


When the "Tsuk Eitan" war began 7 yrs ago, like all concerned parents, we sat close to the T.V. knowing that our son Matan had been fighting in the tunnels created by the Hamas.


We prayed for him every day asking that he returns home healthy and whole.

Matan finally returned home but he returned - unhealthy and certainly incomplete.

Matan suffers from severe post-trauma that does not allow him to live a normal young life -EVERY slightest noise puts him in a psychotic attack.

The only solution is providing Matan with an acoustic insulated housing unit, without any noise input.

This unit will somehow allow Matan to return to some sort of normal life.

We are heartbroken at the need to ask the people of Israel and people around the world for help, as the Ministry of Defense's Rehabilitation Division is unwilling to help us, we are left with no other choice.

Thanks for helping us with our personal war. A war that for our nation is over, but for us and Matan, exists every single day, over and over again.

We ask you to all take part and take a picture, proffessionally or by cellphone, concerning the topic - SILENCE. 

Admission fee 10$ for one pix 15$ for two pix.

All Admission fee is contributed to Matans family. We at Skillit are raising this campaing free of commision and done 100%  volunteery



 First Prize 
one night at the Herzeliya Daniel Hotel

B&B, (not including holidays or June-July)


Second Prize

Participation fee

uploading a single photo 10$ 

uploading 2 photos          15$ 

The participation fee is transferred in full to the

"Rescue Judea and Samaria - Without Borders" organization (AR)
And from there directly and without commission to Matan's family
The entire project and its revenues are supervised by Adv. Avinoam Gaulman


0542003048 (WhatsApp)

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Winning Announcement Date

Sunday at 9 p.m.


Deadline for submission

Sunday (until 24:00)


Our Judges

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7 years in a dark room, without having the ability to get out

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Photo: Sasha Freemind / Unsplash

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Participants Gallery