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"Between Haifa and Tzidon"

By Jonathan Cohen


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Skillit" together with "Madrasa - Learn to" Communicate" invites creators and people who believe that knowing the Arabic language is the basis for understanding and strengthening the ties between the two nations, to upload still images on the subject: "Shared Language"


First prize - participation in a special Arabic course  with 12 practice sessions  The prize can be transferred, or converted into a cash prize of NIS 500

"Madrasa" is a social organization for learning spoken Arabic for free, through technological tools and community learning.
Over 70,000 registered students learn to communicate for free through a combination of free online courses, diverse content on various new media channels, and practice and discourse groups across the country. All Madrasa content is produced with the support and partnership of the community.

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Spoken Arabic for State Employees

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After creating the "Spoken Arabic course for medical staff"
It's time to teach Arabic to State Employees too!

The "Spoken Arabic for State Employees" course is designed to enable all public employees to promote communication and mutual understanding in the public space and succeed in providing an accurate and better service to all.

Producing the course requires a lot of financial resources, and is one of our many programs planned in order to bring the various groups in society together.

The participation fee for the competition will fund the production of the Spoken Arabic for State Employees

We call on you to take part and give back "Madrasa" a little of what she has given to the world 

So ... take out your cameras and mobiles and capture a significant moment that represents

"A Shared language"

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upload here

Participation fee 
30ש"ח For a single image

50ש'ח For two pictures

Winning Announcement Date

Sunday at 9 p.m.


Deadline for submission

Sunday (until 24:00)


Our judges


Creating for a communicative society

// Photography //


a Calling to

participate in a still photography competition
on the subject

Shared Language

Mobile Camera Tips

// Courtesy of Yossi Seles - Tour Guide and Photographer //

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