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Helping Amir to help them 

still photography competition
to help raise awareness against discrimination and violence against the LGBT sector around the world.


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The Skillit venture is enlisted to help Amir, a transgender who faces financial hardship as a result of discrimination and exclusion.

Support for Amir will allow him and his mother not to be thrown into the street and especially for him to be more available for the social role he has taken on - To support Arab and Jewish LGBT youth who are in the situation that he was in several years ago


Dolls are not for her! - Marlene, born in the Arab city of Taibeh, knew this as a child. Marlene always preferred, to play football or "hide and seek" with the boys or to dress up with her father's clothes. 

As she grew older and became a beautiful girl, she found it difficult to connect with her female body and soon found herself ostracized by the Arab society not being able to accept her desire to become a boy. Marlene began to wander between institutions, boarding schools and various shelters.

Despite the difficulties Marlene eventually became Amir - a young and self-aware man. - BUT The price he paid for it was very heavy.
He had to deal with social isolation long before the Covid Virus appeared, he suffered sexual and physical violence, and even survived a murder attempt that left a bullet in his leg,a memento for the rest of his life.

Anyone who meets Amir today will have a hard time believing that this handsome young 23 year old with the sweet conquering smile was born as "Marlene."

Over the years Amir began to accompany and support Arab and Jewish youth, who are in the place he was a few years ago, dreaming of opening a support center one day.
These days Amir, his mother and his little sister who live in the Jewish city Harish
are forced to leave their apartment due to their difficult financial situation.
On the one hand, they cannot return to the Arab city Taibeh, and on the other hand, they are having great difficulties finding an apartment being "Arabs", and Amir a transgender supporting the LGBT community in the city of Harish.

 The Skillit project has joined forces to help Amir and his mother not be thrown into the street and thereby allow him to continue supporting and investing his time and effort in rescuing the LGBT youth, both Arabs and Israelis.


We call on you to get involved as well and please help us to help Amir by participating in the photography campaign on the subject of "colors"


We invite you to watch a short video about Amir (11 min.)

WE KNOW that you too will fall in love with him!


First Prize 300$

Second prize 150$



 The participation fees in the competition will help Amir financially, and maybe even reach an amount that will enable Amir to continue supporting the youth LGBT through meetings, lectures, guidance etc...

All money is transferred under the supervision of the Skillit project solely for the purpose for which it was intended for

So ... pull out your cameras and mobiles and catch a significant moment of


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1 pic. - 10 $

2 pic. - 15 $








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